Hardeep Pandhall – A Neck Or Nothing Man!

Hardeep Pandhall – A Neck Or Nothing Man!
Comar – Isle of Mull

Commission by artist Hardeep Pandhal to fabricate a unique sculpture which would feature in his solo exhibition at Comar arts organisation on the Isle of Mull. The artist appropriated an image of a Georgian political caricature, an anthropomorphic ‘Guillotine Man’, asking us to turn this into a four­ metre tall ‘comic foreground’ sculpture.

The caricature was digitally Direct Printed onto birch plywood sheets before being CNC machined to the exact profile of the artwork. The panels were attached to a timber framework and a large base to withstand the Atlantic winds.

The sculpture was designed in such a way that it could be assembled and disassembled with ease, allowing for transportation, storage and future use.


Birch Plywood
Direct Printing

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