Marine Scotland – Scottish Seawater Diorama

Scottish Seawater Diorama
Marine Scotland, Touring Exhibition

We were commissioned by Marine Scotland, to design and make a unique object for their educational touring project. The sea water diorama was designed to familiarise young audiences with the fish and sea life found off the Scottish Coast.

We sculpted and cast an ‘underwater’ scene that included over fifteen species. Each specimen was initially sculpted from modelling clay used to create rubber moulds, which then enabled the creation of lightweight resin casts. The objects were meticulously hand painted and positioned in a modelled seabed environment of sand, rocks and seaweed.

The model was housed in a bespoke market stall style cabinet with glass viewing windows. Vinyl text also lined the inside of the cabinet giving information about each species. The project was designed and made as lightweight as possible, allowing for convenient transportation around numerous venues across Scotland.


Birch plywood

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