Panmure House – Adam Smith Exhibition

Panmure House – Adam Smith Exhibition

Panmure House is situated just off the Royal Mile in the middle of Edinburgh’s World Heritage site. It is the only surviving residence of the famous economist Adam Smith. The Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University has brought this exceptional building back to life as a venue that can once again be home to ground breaking economic and social debate. A new exhibition space has been created within to enlighten visitors to the history and work of Adam Smith, especially his most famous work, The Wealth of the Nations.

Working collaboratively with the design agency Studio SP, we undertook the construction design, build and installation of the new exhibition space. Screen-printed glass panels line the perimeter wall and incorporate interactive touch screen displays. Each glass wall panel has a discreet hinged steel frame, allowing easy maintenance access to all AV equipment and integrated lighting. A portable glass and steel showcase was also designed and built to exhibit a rare copy of Adam Smiths’ The Wealth of Nations.


LED Lighting

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